how to evaluate car slide situation

  • is there any [ non math ] way of finding out, if the
    car slides ?
    i'm already gathering data from some test drives which i need to evaluate.

    for me it would be crucial to determine if a car slides in
    a certain situation

    [ i want to drive bends without having the car slide .. ]

    there has to be some kind of switch for that, as the sliding
    car draws rubber lines on the ground, but i haven't found out
    yet, where this event is toggled...

    • well, so did i ;]

      i found out about that delphi tutorial which covers exactly that kind of 'slide' / 'slip'
      situation for ABS / TCS implementation.

      Thank you anyway.

    • First you have to define "slide";-) If you mean "slip" you can compute it with the wheel angular velocity and the speed of the wheel "mount" (car body translatonal speed plus angular speed of the mount point relative to the center of rotation). Look at wheel.cpp and car.cpp for more insight.

      Bye, Bernhard.