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TOra 2.1.0 released!

TOra 2.1.0 is now available in the download area with new updates listed
below. Additionally, the primary TOra home page has been moved from
sourceforge to, a dokuwiki based site to allow for
easier updates.

This new release brings more new features and updated stability into
your database related work.

* Improved Describe Object tool.
* Improved SQL Editor.
* New "DockBars" for connections and filesystem browsing.
* DB Browser tool is rewritten.
* Improved Code Browser.
* Improved support for PostgreSQL and MySQL.
* Read statement plan from V$SQL_PLAN when available. And
switch on/off explain plan from v$plan_table.
* Native Mac OS X bundle (still experimental or in "beta"
* Copy-Paste and Export features in the Data Grids.
* Internal libraries updated.
* and many more various bugfixes.

New binaries will hopefully be added soon, for the moment, just the new
tarball is available in the download area:

Posted by Nathan Neulinger 2009-09-08