On 05/27/2014 08:19 PM, gregory hensley wrote:
Would really appreciate some help from the maillist.
I installed the 64bit version of tOra 3.0.0 (5128svn) on a Windows 7 64 bit environment.
I have looked everywhere and don’t know how to:
1.       Create a connection to a Teradyne database or any other ODBC (64bit) (supposedly 3.0 supports this through ODBC?)
What is Teradyne? Do they have their own database sw product or do they use Oracle?
If it's Oracle database I really recommend you to use InstantClient directly instead of ODBC.
OBDC support is still experimental.

2.       Data columns are missing from the current Oracle table view in “Content editor filter settings”. In prior versions the columns would auto populate. No ability to drag and drop to create filters or see column names.
This part of Tora is still waiting for some rewrite - the older version was unpredictable sometimes.
At this moment the column list is not populated but you can still at least type your own where clause condition.
So if you type into the left panel for example " COLUMN1 = 'xxx'  "then this condition will be used in the where clause sent to the database.
a.       The DB connects fine and allows for queries.
b.      I am using Oracle InstantClient 64 bit