On 11/26/2013 07:28 AM, Petr Vaněk wrote:

2) First run

   Before the first run, I had to remove the old config directory
   that contained MySQL connection data. Otherwise, tora would
   deny to open the "New connection" dialog with an error message
   like "Could not find connection provider for MySQL".
   After that, it started fine and I could successfully establish
   an Oracle connection, launch queries, view SQL packages and
   open the schema browser. The schema browser hung when I clicked
   on the extents tab, so I killed tora.
> Hmm this need to be fixed. Tora depends on qt-mysql drivers. You
> probably had them installed in the past.
> For mysql we use QT drivers, and if QT says there are no mysql drivers,
> than also Tora complains.

that should work (and it worked for sure) - the message box should be
(was) displayed with warning but connection dialog should appear.
I will test it later today on linux box.


yes, it works here. I created a mysql connection in running tora. Then to quit tora, to remove qt mysql plugin from system, to start tora and the "open session dialog" appears normally (with warning on mysql connection selected)