Even though TOra is an open source GPL project it is also a commercial project for the Windows platform. Both these projects are compiled from the same codebase since that is so much easier to handle. Therefore any patches that are to be accepted by me into the project must adhere to one of the following three conditions.

1. The code given is public domain without any associated copyright.

2. The copyright of the code given is assigned to Underscore AB.

3. The code is licensed under LGPL and part of a separate library of functionality (For instance a separate plugin could be part of this kind of package).

Since most patches are a few lines of code which are part of files which have an assigned copyright at the top of the files if nothing else is specified the second alternative is assumed (Because the files in question does have a copyright at the top of them and nobody bothered changing them).

I have tried to be clear about this issue and actually ask people when you have supplied patches the first time. If I've forgotten to ask someone, or if someone has any issues with this please let me know. Since TOra is now my main occupation this has become important to me have really clear. If anyone who have supplied any patches don't accept this please let me know and I'll have no choice but to reverse those patches and reimplement the code myself. I've also updated the README file to include most of the information above.

Underscore AB