Sure, as long as it works. The problem with Qt detection has been fixed in the CVS version of TOra and should be ok in the next development release.

Underscore AB

Bhaskar Karambelkar wrote:
hi henrik,
thanks for such a quick response.
I made sure that the moc command is the same version as that of Qt.

btw I was able to successfully compile and install tora1.2.4.

But in 1.3.8 the was not able to autodetect my QT library
my QT setup is like this

QT binaries are in $QTDIR/bin
headers in $QTDIR/include
libraries in $QTDIR/lib

Also passing arguments to configure script didn't help. So i had to
my paths in the

Is this OK ? I don't know perl so i am not so sure.
thanks again

Henrik Johnson wrote:
Are you sure the moc command detected is for the same version of Qt as
the includes and the libraries. Check the output of configure.
Hopefully (for me since then I've pinned down the problem) you use a
"moc" for a different version of Qt than the include files.

Underscore AB