The configure script should only add the plugins that actually are enabled. There will be a 1.3.4 release tomorrow so if you can wait for a day you can get a release instead of the CVS version.

GlobeCom AB

Michael Meskes wrote:
On Sun, Mar 03, 2002 at 12:57:38PM -0500, Henrik Johnson wrote:
I know, the toproject is a work in progress. I just commited a change so 
that it can at least compile (You can't compile it to a monolithic
binary because of unresolved symbols). I will fix this sometime today.

Thanks. I'm just updating the Debian package with your latest fixes.

BTW which of the plugins do work with the QT3 DB interface? After all I
do not have Oracle, nor MySQL native support compiled in. I think some
plugins make no sense for this setup.