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Frits Hoogland wrote:
still love the wait event option.

some more remarks:
-my collegues use it on windows.
it crashes much. I know you do not put much energy in the windows version
(as I wouldn't do either), but a more stable version would be preferable as
they now can not run it.

I found a very handy tool for debugging crashes which gives me the line 
it crashed on when I get the 8 digit hexadecimal number that windows
coughs up on a crash. I must however compile TOra with debugging turned
on and the only release I've done that with so far is the 1.2.1 release
(Since I didn't have a clue how to use it I didn't find a need to have
this info). It will be in the 1.3.1 release, then I can start hoarding
those crash addresses. What version are your Windows users using btw?

win2k, winnt, win98
I actually meant what version of TOra :).
-global remarks regarding the server tuning options:
still the pointer turns to the clock if a refresh is specified. Thought it
was solved by a second connection?
al the already open tabs get a refresh. this is only necessary in tabs that
display changable data. options can simply not be changed, parameter
can more and more be done in higher oracle versions, but when searching for
a specific parameter, the screen gets refreshed. I find that annoying.

There are a few tabs that still may block the connection. These are the 
overview and the file I/O and the indicators view. The last one is only
updated if it is being displayed so that isn't so much of a problem.
I'll try to fix the last ones before the real 1.4.0 release (At least
except for the indicators).
with statistics it is very annoying that it is refreshed. When someone
actually uses the statistics, they first going to sort it on name, value or
delta. it is -really- annoying when it is refreshed then.

I'll remove the automatic refresh for all views except the ones with 
charts in them. I've found this annoying myself.
when above mentioned adaptions are applied, the screens get better workable
on one hand, and have to fetch less data what helps performance on the
does the blocking locks tab work?

I think so, I tried it here by creating a few locks and they certainly 
showed up. Let me know if it doesn't.

no. doesn't on at least oracle version 7.3, 8.0.5, 8.1.6, 8.1.7.
I just tried this by doing a "delete from {table}" in two separate sessions. The second one will lock. Then I go into the blocking locks tuning tab and it clearly shows the locked session. Do you have an example that I can try that doesn't work?
-alert tool
My opinion is that the name is not well chosen. Everyone I show this tools
thinks it has something to do the oracle alert log. think of names like
'messaging channel' or something.

The way it works is not that simple. think of auto-naming, with the option
to rename. something like oracleuser + machine name + numbering if the
combination of the two exists.

It can be very handy if two tora users are working on a database and need
share SQL in a simple way.

Ok, I can change the default name you listen to from TOra to something 
like that (Hmm, how do I get hold of the hostname on Windows). The usage
you describe above isn't really what this was meant for, but it sounds
like a good idea :). The reason it is called Alert Tool is that it uses
the DBMS_ALERT package. I'm probably going to add an alert log viewer
before 1.4, I'll try to find a better name for this.

the hostname is fetched when looking at the machine column from the
v$session view.
what was the inteded meaning of the alerting tool?
how are you going to read the alert log?
First of all the name. How about "Alert Messaging". The DBMS_ALERT package can be used as a fast way to pass signals between two database applications. Regarding the alert log reading I was thinking about an application to make it easier to read the logs, you still need to pass the actual logfile to TOra since I don't know any way to read the alert log contents from within Oracle.
-statistics manager
the statistics manager's viewpoint is from tables. indexes can -seperately-
be analyzed in oracle. think of a object name column, and a type column.


the view per schema makes sense, an option for all object would be handy,
not necessary.
an option to quickly see all analyzed objects and all not analyzed objects
would be handy also.
-sga trace
haven't look much into this, but get much 'ora-942 table or view does not
exists EXPLAIN PLAN SET STATEMENT_ID='Tora 1.... etc.
-> if the plan table does not exists, as the user if tora must make it.
other tools can create it too (like tkprof) I saw this functionality one in
tora, but sometimes It doesn't do it. oh, wel lets look, the 942 is because
of the next point:
-> the explain plan statement does take the query, but does not put owner
name in front of objects in the from clause. so it sometimes can't find the
objects and gives the ora942.
or 'alter user set current_schema = xxx'

I had no idea you could do this. Will do.

suggest you try it first. I know the imp/exp utilities use (this is the
correct syntax:)
alter session set current_schema = <schema>;
the schema name must be given without quotes.

very few tools have the capacity to generate a explain plan for each
statement that comes up in the sga. would be great.
-> all cursors ('sql text') that begin with 'begin' are anonymous sql
blocks. they can not be explained, suggestions for are a small message, or
a search through the package for sql-statements (which can be explained
using the exec.plan tab).

This is a really good idea. Especially since now with the SQL parser 
I've made for the auto indentation it is pretty easy to do.

merry xmas,
will mail more, but need to eat.

You to.

GlobeCom AB

it would be nice if the wait events can be monitored over a longer period of
it's only necessary if it is stated explicitly. it is for monitoring
batchprocesses. I am not there at night (most of the time).

I can give you help regarding tuning and internal oracle thingies. not about
I think this is a good idea as well. It's quite a big change though so I'm not making any promises when I might get around to adding this.

GlobeCom AB