The result have been added to the from now on permanent survey at, check this for the results. Don't forget to check out the new webpage that I put up yesterday.

Also the suggestions appart from the "keep up the good work" which are always appreciated are:

Easy recall of queries in the SQL window

Already implemented in the 1.1.5 release.

GUI for copy Data from one Table to a temporary-Table

Probably will not be implemented since I have a feeling that this is not the way to do database design :).

Index fragmentation analysis and online index rebuilds

Will probably be implemented sometime soon, not sure for 1.4 though.

Front end to CVS repository of Oracle SQL/DDL

This is pretty high on the todo list and will be in the 1.4 release.

InterMedia Analysing & Tuning

Don't really use InterMedia myself, but I'm definately willing to accept patches for this.

Multiple SQL debuggers open at once

Sorry, not possible unfortunately due to Oracle limitations.

The cache feature is not very successfull at this moment...

The 1.1.5 release have more switches to customize this and also works better when object cache not ready. Some things still require the object cache (Like the debugger for instance).

Greater control over fonts and colors in all windows

This is something I definately will not work on. I'm more into substance than fluff. Off course, I'm willing to accept patches.

Thread the process differently so that actions in one window (updating a graph periodically) do not affect a browser window

Already mostly done for 1.1.5

PostgreSQL support

Will probably be in 1.4.

proper handling of LONG datatype in viewing/editing would be great

No idea what this mean. Anyone have any problems with LONG?

support for java classes in the schema browser

Probably in 1.4, but I'm not making any promises.

Well, that's it.