Has anyone built a project to do TOra development on MSVC?
I'm getting some GPF's in the latest development Beta release, 1.3.8 (I downloaded it today from the Globecom site), and I'd like to try / help debug it.
I'm also doing some performance analysis, and might want to help contribute to performance analysis tools for Oracle Applications (11.5.7, although we have clients on 10.7, 11.03, and 11.5.2-on).  Next week, I'm looking at a client with HP 11i, 64 bit, Apps 11.5.6, and Oracle database 9i, which should be fun.  I can help work on 9i and 8.1.7 issues.
Anyway, if there's no MSVC project, does anyone mind if I build one?
                  == John ==