#251 Preserving the PASTE buffer


I'm Paul Pomerleau -- pom2@global-com.com

I use Tora under Linux and I like it a lot.

But every time I use it, practically, I start off by
cursing it. This is because I work with things as
tools. I bring them up when I need them, and I need
Tora when I've got a sticky bit of SQL that needs
debugging and PL/SQL's screen limitations make it hard.
Tora comes up fast and works great for this need
(among many others).

But I have that chunk of code in my paste buffer, and
without fail, I open Tora, log in, paste my code, and
CURSE!!!!! Why is my friggin' username in my paste
buffer? I know my username. I don't need to paste it.
What I need is the 1500 character function that I
already highlighted and had in my paste buffer.

I know this sounds small. But for the use of Tora as a
tool on a as-needed basis, this is my biggest headache.
I've stopped work just now to write this, with Tora up
and my SQL code beautifully formatted in the Worksheet
window, and ready to debug, because I've just sworn at
this really good product yet again. Select text, open
tora, login, paste username, swear, delete username,
select text again, paste text, and go.

Please, oh PLEASE, make the small dialog entries of
Tora stop obliterating the paste buffer. On log in,
and wherever one line-entry items on Tora obliterate it.

Thank you for a great product.


  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    Yes, that's really annoying. I changed that in svn a while back and qt4 is much better about it in general...

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson

    • status: open --> open-fixed