#106 Support for multiple oracle homes.


It would be very useful for me to be able to use multiple Oracle
homes with TOra. I don't require the use of multiple homes
simultaneously, just a choice of which home to use on startup.


  • Henrik Johnson
    Henrik Johnson

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    This is unfortunately complicated. On unix you have the
    problem of the shared library having to match the Oracle
    Home directory, here it would probably though (I might be
    missing something though, just thinking out loud here) to
    create two different oracle plugins (Lets call them Oracle8
    and Oracle9). On windows we have a whole other mess with the
    DLL files for Oracle that are loaded when you start it
    needing to match the Oracle home directory on startup. Also
    on Windows the Oracle home is stored in the registry and it
    seems that different version of Oracle store this
    information in the registry in completely different ways and
    the only one really certain how to unpack it is the oci*.dll
    files which hopefully get loaded on startup. I make an
    educated guess, but if my program should go in there and
    change them you should really be certain that your not
    messing up the installations.

    What platform are you interested in?

    Underscore AB

  • Joseph Harnish
    Joseph Harnish

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    I wasn't the originator of this message but it seems to me that if
    they have multiple oracle homes for different versions of Oracle
    they will need to run a different binary of tora. I upgraded my
    client to Oracle 9i and tora compiled for 8 broke so I upgraded.

    The only other thing I think that would be useful is adding another
    database into the tnsnames.ora file (or giving that info manually)
    at runtime. Because when you install some oracle stuff you start
    getting tnsnames.ora files all over the place.