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TOra segfault bug fix

  • Raj Thukral
    Raj Thukral

    I *think* I've found the fix to the TOra segfaulting bug, but I need more testing.  Since this bug is so frikkin' random, I haven't been able to get TOra to crash since I made this change, and the gdb backtrace consistently pointed here, so I think I've fixed it, but I'd like confirmation and also perhaps some testing to see if something else broke somewhere :)
    The fix is simple.  modify line 144 of tonoblockquery.cpp to:

    if (!Parent.Error&&!Parent.Query->eof())

    (the original was if (!Parent.Query->eof()) )


    • Raj Thukral
      Raj Thukral

      Thats on version btw.

    • G B
      G B

      It used to crash quite often for me, almost every time I mis-typed a table name in a query, or clicked on the "Schema Browser".  I applied your patch, along with ibre5041's patch.  It has not crashed since then, and I haven't seen any odd behavior.  Than you, really appreciate it.

      -- george