Select current schema user in SQL Editor

  • In the SQL Editor on the very top right there is a select list of schema users that one can dynamically switch the current schema user.

    Whenever I  I log in as a certain user this swithc is set to 'anonymous' and not the user i used for logging into the db.

    I'm using TOra 2.x on Linux-gentoo.

    TOra 1.3 is switching to the correct user.

    Any suggestions?


  • Stephen Levine
    Stephen Levine

    I have noticed that TOra 2.0 always displays the last schema I looked at regardless of my Oracle login.  Of course, what displays are only objects for which I have been granted access.  I just select the schema I want to look at, if it is not the schema displayed.  I really have no problem with it and kind of like the feature.

  • Hmm, I'm working with more than one different databases which have no grants of any objects to the user anonymous, so I have to switch the user **every time** I log in.

    And there are lots of users in the select-menu….

    And it needs a mouse-click to submit the selection, using the Return-Key on the KB is not working properly. Is there a Hot-Key?

    Using the last schema-name is fine, but right after login it could be the user of the login please. At lease it has been that way in 1.3.

    This is part of the manual: '**Schema**
    The last item on the toolbar is a combo box where you can select the schema to display objects for. It defaults the schema you are currently logged in as. Only schemas that are visible to the current user is selectable in the lost (Really, TOra does not contain the secret DBA password that will always let you access everything regardless of your privileges). '

    And my TOra is by default not showing the schema which i'm logged in with. It shows all schemas the db knows, regardless of the visibility to the logged in user.

    Considering this, either the manual or the sw has some kind of bug.



  • Petr Vaněk
    Petr Vaněk

    it was a bug in 2.0. It was fixed before 2.1 release

  • Is there a 2.1 release available for windows xp? I can see only 2.0 release for windows

  • Thanks for the fix.

    Works as expected now.