ORA-01461 error, TOra on RedHat 9


  • Anonymous


    I've just compiled the sources for TOra on Redhat Linux 9 and I'm using TOra to connect to an Oracle database.

    When I try to use the Schema Browser and modify records with the 'Data' tab.  I continually get this error: "ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column".  The datatype for the column I'm trying to modify is a VARCHAR2. 

    I'm not an Oracle expert, so I'm not sure why this error would be happening even though the different datatypes seem to suggest this could be the problem?

    I read the readme file packaged with the distribution and it said Oracle 9.x is not supported although it should probably work.

    Can anyone advise me one what to do next to fix this problem?  or possibly recommend a good gui frontend db client for Linux?  Something similar to Toad would be great.



    • Anonymous


      I did find the bug id for this 564216 which is now closed.  However the problem is not fixed in TOra :(

      Any help would be apprciated if anyone has seen this problem or knows of a workaround.

      • Albert Cheng
        Albert Cheng

        I noticed the same problem on my linux machine.   Any solutions? 
        I searched anywhere, only question, no anwser.  How can this bug is fixed in bug list.