How to do an apt-get install tora-oracle

  • Hello all, I'm trying to connect to Oracle through Tora on Ubuntu 5.10.

    I have installed Oracle 10g instant client and can connect to the DB from sqlplus. Later I compiled and installed tora-1.3.16. Just did ./configure and installed. I can connect to Oracle through Tora, however, the interface is very ugly; whith huge fonts. I can control the Editor fonts, but the general Tora application fonts are huge and hence the Tora interface is very ugly and unusable.

    Then I did a apt-get install tora; and installed Tora. When I run apt-get install version of tora (/usr/bin/tora) I get nice and clean fonts but no oracle provider to connect. I have tried setting up the oracle environment, copied the manually compiled tora plugins (/usr/local/lib/tora/*oracle*) to /usr/lib/tora but still I can't connect from the apt-get version of tora (/usr/bin/tora)

    I basically want Tora to connect to Oracle, and have a decent/usable interface. Can I set the default application font usage from ./configure script?

    Please help.

    • The packaged tora has been compiled with the kde libraries,
      but not with Oracle support.

      So to get the "nice look" and have Oracle support, recompile your own tora but add kde-libraries:

      apt-get install kdelibs-dev
      LDFLAGS=-L/path_to_oraclelibs CPPFLAGS=-I/path_to_oracle_headers ./configure