Future of TORA?

  • kaapie


    Any ideas on the future of this tool?
    It seems that the development of the tool is going forward, just slowly.


    • Ivan Brezina
      Ivan Brezina

      I had some plans, but unfortunetly I am quite busy now and I do not work with Oracle in my job anymore.

      The tool is moving forward, but these changes are mostly bug fixes and changes in user interface.
      Nobody commits changes, that can potentially break things. We do not have any "unstable" banch.
      It is a matter of discuss.

      When I was working on DBlinks I have hit a problem
      than toquery supports different queries for different oracle versions. I needed support for
      dba/nodba versions of queries. (v$link vs. user_db_links)
      Such a change needs redesign of some TORA internals. But I do not have enough courage to do that. Latest SVN checkout is most stable version of TORA I have ever used.


    • Fred

      I just checked out 1.3.21 and was positivly surprised.

      Not that there are a ton of new features - as already said before - but it looks much more stable and lot of small things seem to work now. Good job.

      I will keep playing with it for the next days or so.

      New features? Maybe a user interface for flashback?

    • Ivan,

      Oracle is quite consistant in the dictionary view in such a way that there is almost always a pair of views, eg. dba_db_links vs. all_db_links.

      Non dba accounts could use the all% views, dba's the dba-views

      I wonder if both using the all-views would not be an easy way out.