Steps for Reading Blob

  • Phanindra Neti
    Phanindra Neti

    Can someone point to documentation about how to read Blob data using TORA.

    • Henrik Johnson
      Henrik Johnson

      You need to use 1.3.14 or later and then it should just work. Please let me know if you have any problems.

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      • SKAL


        I have a 1.3.18 tora installation on my linux box but I cannot understand how to see the data contained in the record.

        Could someone explain me in a "4 dummies" way how to see/export a blob record.

        tnx to all

    • btw,  In case you never got an answer to this, go to Tools->Schema Browser, click on the table, click on the Data Tab, then either double click or Right Click->Display in Editor on the LOB field and it will open a text editor.  One would expect binary LOBs to display poorly, if at all.  I don't have one handy to test...

      Hope that helps.