Where is the open source spirit in Tora ?

  • KrisTof

    I agree that SF should not allow initial Open Source Project Pages to link to commercial sites.

    I am amazed how can such a project suddenly be shutdown  entirely because someone made money of the community work, contributions, etc... I am not talking necessary about the developer contributions but the community at large helping its development by bug tracking, enhancements and testing suggestions.

    I am not against developers making money from their work of course, just using the open source as a front to develop software, then shuting down free access when all these contributions have been helping.

    What is SF doing ?

    • Can you please explain what you're responding to? Tora development is alive and well... maybe a bit slow, but it's definately being developed...

      If you can clarify what you're concerned about, I'll be happy to respond, but as far as I know, everything is proceeding along nicely.

      -- Nathan (current project lead for TOra)

      • Vinayak

        Hi Friend,
        First of all sorry. This is not a reply to your question.
        Actually I want to ask you a question.
        Actually I saw a lot of stuff by you on Tora.
        So I am asking you.
        I have installed Oracler 10g on Fedora Core 1 .In Tora I cant see Oracle as the Connection provider.
        Also I dont get anything of Oracle (like Sqlplus, ProC , Sqlplus Worksheet etc.) to select from the Start menu of Feodra Core 1.
        My ORACLE_HOME is set correctly
        What is the problem?
        Can you please me?