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Windows XP TORA Starting problem

  • sanjeevsapre


    I installed the lastest download ( TOra-1.3.21.exe) installation was successful but when I click on tora menu nothing happens.
    when I click on menu, for a Second or 2 the pointer turns to hourglass and nothing comes up.
    Any help will be approciated.

    Windows XP Service Pack 2
    RAM - 1 GB
    Oracle client 8.0.5 installed.
    Other softwares : Oracle developer 1.6 ( Forms 4.5 , Reports 2.5 )
    SQL Developer Latest relaese.

    Additional Note : I am not logged in as admin user. After my first attempt I checked in the forum and found that some one has suggested to uncheck menu option in the installer. So I also re-installed with that way.But of no use.


    • Dale Cook
      Dale Cook

      I saw this too. The problem seems to only occur on the first invocation of TOra. All I did was restart TOra and the problem went away.