Sessions are broken from r3337

  • Marian Kyral
    Marian Kyral

    from r3337 is the Sessions window broken on Oracle 8i. Don't know, if it work newer Oracle.

        ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended
        SELECT a.Sid "Id",
               a.Serial# "Serial#",
               a.SchemaName "Schema",
               a.Status "Status",
               a.Server "Server",
               a.OsUser "Osuser",
               a.Machine "Machine",
               a.Program "Program",
               a.Type "Type",
               a.Module "Module",
               a.Action "Action",
               a.Client_Info "Client Info",
               b.Block_Gets "Block Gets",
               b.Consistent_Gets "Consistent Gets",
               b.Physical_Reads "Physical Reads",
               b.Block_Changes "Block Changes",
               b.Consistent_Changes "Consistent Changes",
               c.Value*10 "CPU (ms)",
               a.last_call_et "Last SQL",
               a.Process "Client PID",
               e.SPid "Server PID",
               d.sql_text "Current statement",
               a.SQL_Address||':'||a.SQL_Hash_Value " SQL Address",
               a.Prev_SQL_Addr||':'||a.Prev_Hash_Value " Prev SQl Address"
          FROM v$session a <ERROR>left join v$sess_io b on ( a.sid = b.sid)
               left join v$sesstat c on ( a.sid = c.sid)
               left join v$sql d on (a.sql_address = d.address and
                                     a.sql_hash_value=d.hash_value and
                                     a.sql_child_number = d.child_number)
               left join v$process e on (a.paddr = e.addr)
         WHERE (c.statistic# = 12 OR c.statistic# IS NULL)
           AND a.Type != 'BACKGROUND' AND a.Status != 'INACTIVE'
         ORDER BY a.Sid