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Project Ported to Allura

The Toolbar Icons project page has been ported to the new SourceForge Allura interface.

In particular, this means that there is now a new icon request tool. Please use it if you feel the library is lacking a particular toolbar icon.

Posted by Florian Haag 2012-09-16 Labels: icon requests tool website Allura

Release #4

The newest release contains 270 icons.

Posted by Florian Haag 2010-11-08

How did you learn about Toolbar Icons?

Dear users,
during the last couple of weeks, the Toolbar Icons download stats have indicated a strong rise in downloads from certain parts of the world, both quickly passing the number of downloads from the USA (often on top of the list when a software is published on English-language websites like SF). The first of these places was China some weeks ago, and now Israel is catching up. I suspect that the links to the project have been posted on some native websites in the respective countries, so just out of mere curiosity I'd like to ask you where you learned about Toolbar Icons. Please drop me a message to fhaag at users dot sourceforge dot net. Thank you :-)

Posted by Florian Haag 2010-09-06


Today, Toolbar Icons was downloaded 1111 times, with mainland China currently being on top of the list. I'd like to use this opportunity to thank all downloaders for making it feel worthwhile to upload my toolbar icons :-)

Posted by Florian Haag 2010-08-20

Release #3

Finally, the 3rd release of Toolbar Icons is available as a downloadable archive! In order to comply with SourceForge's requirements for screenshots, I will use the 16 * 16 pixel icons instead of the 24 * 24 ones from now on for the preview image with all icons.

Posted by Florian Haag 2010-08-06

Release #2

The 2nd release of Toolbar Icons has just been published! It contains 205 icons. The release files have been changed a little bit since the first release: The collection with all default sizes now contains sources, and there's an archive with source files only. Also, .tar.gz replaces ZIP as the archive format.

Posted by Florian Haag 2010-05-05

First Release

The Toolbar Icons project is proud to announce its first release of PNG archives, containing the first 119 icons. Future releases will be made about every 3 months, based on the current contents of the project repository.

Posted by Florian Haag 2010-02-05


The Toolbar Icons project now has its own little project web on SourceForge:

Posted by Florian Haag 2010-02-02