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Read Me

Newest windows version now uses a windows installer toneDetect-win32-installer.exe

The current directory structure when installed on windows is:

+-Program Files
| |
| +-toneDetect (tonDetect.exe and toneDetectCfg.py are here)
| | +-ini (All ini files are here except toneDetectCfg.py)
| | +-log (All logs are here)
| | +-out (Audio is here)
| | +-tcl
| | | +-...

The toneDetect.tar.gz is the current source code and ini files. This can be used on Windows, OSX and Linux.

New version that drastically reduces CPU usage. On my machine it went from 25% to .5% 

PLEASE NOTE: Starting with this version the toneDetect.ini file has been change to toneDetectCfg.py. The format is the same. 

This is the latest windows and source code release for toneDetect. 

If you want a windows executable download use this link: 

If you want the source code to run directly from Python: 

The toneinfo.txt is a compilation of standard paging tones. <http://sourceforge.net/projects/seqtonedecoder/files/toneinfo.txt/download>