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TomOS-0.4.1 released

# Fixed a bug in the 'DIR' program which allowed deleated files to visible.

Thanks to StalinPL for founding the bug.

Posted by gavian 2009-03-03

TomOS-0.4 released

* FAT12 directory support. (only listing a directory content).
* New programs 'DIR' and 'CD'.
* A few new system calls.
* A few minor improvements.

Posted by gavian 2009-02-28

TomOS-0.3 released

* Improved the '' script.

* FAT12 code divided into smaller pieces.

* A few optimisations in FAT12 code.

Posted by gavian 2009-02-13

TomOS-0.1 released

First release of TomOS.

Simple 16 bit operating system for x86 based on MikeOS.

* Mouse support.
* Improved documentation.
* User handbook.
* FAT 12 support.
* Aproximimately 70 system calls.
* and much more...

TomOS website

Posted by gavian 2009-01-06