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I Have No Tomatoes / News: Recent posts

Version 1.5 released

The 1.5 version of Tomatoes has been released. The biggest change over the 1.0 is the new two player mode. Linux and MacOS X ports will be released a bit later. Feedback still welcome!

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2004-09-26

"I Have No Tomatoes" v1.0 released

"I Have No Tomatoes" is finally finished. Now, the question is, what to do when you have to waste ten minutes? The answer is, of course: squash as many tomatoes as you can! This game is just for that, but it is also a bit more. You may find it not to be complete waste of time after all... or you don't.

"I Have No Tomatoes" features solid game play with beautiful OpenGL driven isometric 3d graphics and nice music.

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2004-07-24

The release schedule

I Have No Tomatoes is basically ready now, but I don't have time right now to release it. And some additional testing wouldn't hurt either.

The lack of time is due to my serving in the army, starting tomorrow (12th of July). I'm going to release the game when I get my first weekend holiday from the army, which will be (probably, if all goes well) 31st of July. Me being in the army naturally means that the people emailing me won't get immediate responses, but that's just the way it is.... read more

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2004-07-11

Pictures from the game available

To show some progress, I've started posting some screenshots from the game to it's web page at http://tomatoes.sourceforge.net
More pictures will be added on regular basis. Go check 'em out :)

Posted by Mika Halttunen 2004-05-25