build v2 openDS error, build failed

  • mHealth OJT
    mHealth OJT

    Hi, need help with problem. Thanks in Advance ! :)

          c:/tolven/tolvenOpenDS/bat/dsconfig.bat -h localhost -p 4444 -D "cn=
    Directory Manager" -w password -X -no-prompt set-connection-handler-prop -hand
    ler-name "LDAPS Connection Handler" -set enabled:true -set listen-address:dev. -set listen-port:1636 -set ssl-client-auth-policy:optional -remove s
          The LDAP Connection Handler could not be modified because of the fol
              *  [LDAP: error code 53 - Entry cn=LDAPS Connection Handler,cn=C
                 Handlers,cn=config cannot be modified because one of the conf
                 change listeners registered for that entry rejected the chang
    e:  The
                 LDAP connection handler defined in configuration entry cn=LDA
                 Connection Handler,cn=Connection Handlers,cn=config was unabl
    e to bind
                 to  IOException(Address already in use)]

    C:\tolven\tolven-installer\build.xml:126: The following error occurred while exe
    cuting this line:
    C:\tolven\tolven-installer\build.xml:134: The following error occurred while exe
    cuting this line:
    C:\tolven\tolven-installer\build-v2-opends.xml:143: The following error occurred
    while executing this line:
    C:\tolven\tolven-installer\build-v2-opends.xml:173: exec returned: 1

    Total time: 1 minute 17 seconds

  • John Churin
    John Churin

    As shown, the port is already in use. Shut down whatever is using it. IOException(Address already in use)]

    Also, just as a reminder, you must use a domain name not an IP address for Tolven. This is covered in the install guide.

  • mHealth OJT
    mHealth OJT

    I tried to find the port or the software using the IP address, I tried different methods to find every IP in my computer but that wasn't in my list of results. So I tried to find a file, an xml or text file and try to change the IP Address manually, but every file that I checked didn't have or match that particular IP Address.

  • Srini Kandula
    Srini Kandula

    I noticed this is happening to someone when they copied the IP address from the installation guide to add the host name to hosts file. Instead they should be using their computer actual ipaddress. One can find the ipaddress by running the command ipconfig on windows or ifconfig on unix based operating system.