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Creating Plugins - org.tolven.plugin.boot.TPFBoot

  • Michael Condon
    Michael Condon


    We're playing with setting up Tolven for a few clients, and as part of that we'd be developing a couple custom plugins. Getting started, though, seems to be a bit of a wall. Tolven is installed and running on our server (latest version, 2.1.3), and I've gone through the dev guide as far as creating the devLib directory.

    To get a feel for things, I'm trying to modify the 'patient.observations' plugin. I've downloaded the source code, and pulled up the plugin project in Eclipse. Attempting to build the stock plugin using ANT fails right off the bat with the following message:

    [copy] Copying 1 file to c:\tolven\tolven-config\repositoryLocal\plugins
    [java] Error: Could not find or load main class org.tolven.plugin.boot.TPFBoot

    In the build folder, it looks like Eclipse has created the 'app' and 'web' folders, though they both contain only a single empty 'classes' folder.

    Pretty sure I've just missed a reference somewhere, but I can't seem to find any file labeled as such in the system. Any ideas?

    Thanks -

    Last edit: Michael Condon 2013-09-19