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ToDo Manager / News: Recent posts

0.75.2 Available

A little later then promised, but it's now available.

Posted by Patch 2007-03-24


The latest release of Todo Manager will be available tonight. Updates include new XML plugin, easier selection of group tasks as well as a minor interface update. I am currently working towards a 0.8 release, which will include ftp upload of xml files for web integration. Re-occuring tasks and a new XML task file backbone for storing data. I may be able to add a few more user requests shortly.

Posted by Patch 2007-03-19

0.75.2 Update

The CVS has had a long needed update with a few feature requests. This is a test build of 0.75.2 which is due for release shortly.

Posted by Patch 2006-10-18

Project Status

There will be an update coming out shortly with some features added that were requested, also a couple of bug fixes and minor additions. We are now working towards 0.8 which will have some major features implemented. I have been unable to get in contact with the project Author and his email address is out of date. In the meantime we have a new project maintainer.

Posted by Patch 2006-10-13

ToDo Manager 0.75.1

ToDo Manager is a simple task manager written in Python that is designed to run on Linux, Mac OS X (with X11), and Windows.

Version 0.75.1 is a bug-fix release that resolves several issues that would cause list exporting plugins to crash and the task list to become corrupted.

Human readable ChangeLog:

http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/todo-manager/todo-manager-0.75.1.zip?download... read more

Posted by Brian Bernas 2003-11-16

Version 0.70.2 Released

ToDo Manager is a simple task manager written in Python
designed to run on Linux and Windows platforms. Version
0.70.2 is a bugfix release that resolved internationalization errors with task names and also fixes drawing errors that would happen when only viewing a single group.

Human readable ChangeLog:

http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/todo-manager/todo-manager-0.70.2.zip?download... read more

Posted by Brian Bernas 2003-03-17

ToDo Manager 0.66.1 Released

ToDo Manager is a simple task manager written in Python
designed to run on Linux and Windows platforms. Version
0.66.1 is a bugfix release that resolves issues with the plugins
and adds a German translation.

Human readable ChangeLog:



Posted by Brian Bernas 2002-11-20

ToDo Manager 0.66 Released

ToDo Manager is a simple task manager written in Python designed to run on
Linux and Windows platforms. The most noticable change in version 0.66 is
that most of the locale issues that existed in older versions have been

Human readable ChangeLog:

http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/todo-manager/todo-manager-0.66.zip?download... read more

Posted by Brian Bernas 2002-11-07

ToDo Manager 0.65

ToDo Manager is a simple task manager written in Python designed to run on
Linux and Windows platforms. Version 0.65 includes a redesigned options dialog,
and a more secure plugin architecture.

Human readable ChangeLog:



Posted by Brian Bernas 2002-09-28

ToDo Manager 0.60 Released

After months of development 0.60 is finally ready for release.
This version boasts a new core architecture that allows custom
interfaces to be created. The task listbox has also been
rewritten and now has better column and text support, as well
as user definable list item colors. A calendar control has been
added that allows users to manage tasks by date. And last but
not least, ToDo Manager finally has support for translations.... read more

Posted by Brian Bernas 2002-08-20

Bronze Has Been Merged Into the Main Tree

The development branch, Bronze, has been merged into the main tree. After many, many months of development, bronze is complete and fairly stable. I would like to thank everyone who helped with testing and sent in bug reports.

Posted by Brian Bernas 2002-08-11

ToDo Manager Bronze 20020621 is Available

Bronze is a complete rewrite of ToDo Manager to make the application more modular. So now, the core application isn't bound to the default interface. Even though this release of bronze doesn't include all of the planned features, it is fairly stable. I am releasing it so people can see what the application will be like in the future and so I can get any overlooked bugs out of the way.

Posted by Brian Bernas 2002-06-21

New Web Site

The ToDo Manager web site has been redesigned. It looks better than it did before and that's all I have to say.

Posted by Brian Bernas 2002-06-11

CVS Mailing List

I am proud to announce that ToDo Manager now has it's very own mailing list. This list allows all of you source code lovers to watch the changes that are made to CVS. Sign up for it if you are a die-hard CVS user or if you just want a few extra e-mails a week.

Please don't send any comments or questions to this list, those should be directed to the developers.

Posted by Brian Bernas 2002-05-26

A Developer Has Been Found!

Miles Wiehahn has joined the project. Hopefully now development will speed along a little faster.

Posted by Brian Bernas 2001-11-22

version 0.51a

This new version has been released simply because 0.51 crashed as soon as it was run.

Posted by Brian Bernas 2001-11-06

Just to Please the Masses, 0.51

ToDo Manager 0.51 is out. This will probably be the last release until the restructuring proccess is over. Don't get too scared, I'll be submitting all the development work to a branch in the CVS repository so you can follow along in my adventures. Just kick back and relax for a few weeks until that happens.

Posted by Brian Bernas 2001-11-05

ToDo Manager Needs a New Developer

Yes, that fuzzy, furry task manager is looking for a developer to help improve the software. So if you have experience in Python programming and want to help out or want more information, send a email to click81@users.sourceforge.net.

Posted by Brian Bernas 2001-11-03

ToDo Manager 0.50a

The big, bad bug-fix. This version has been released because version 0.50 had a few bugs in it that impared the functionality of the program. I was bound to screw something up sooner or later.

Posted by Brian Bernas 2001-10-22

ToDo Manager 0.50

I'm sure you all will love the new version. New features, bug fixes, what more could you ask for. Those of you who watch this project like a hawk will notice that the 'BETA' label has been dropped. Yep, big woohoo. Actually, I just didn't feel like typing 4 more letters.

Posted by Brian Bernas 2001-10-17

ToDo Manager 0.41 BETA

This is just a minor release, so there isn't a lot of new stuff. The biggest addition is a Properties dialog that allows you to customize ToDo Manager to your liking.

Posted by Brian Bernas 2001-10-03

ToDo Manager 0.40 BETA

This is the next major release of this small utility. The biggest change is that it now has support for file import/export and task sorting plugins. There are a also a few modifications and bug fixes.

Posted by Brian Bernas 2001-09-14

Big Update for CVS Files

All of the files in CVS (which are the same ones used to create distributions) have all been converted to the UNIX endline standard (LF). Before, some of these files were Windows formated(CR+LF) since development started on that platform. I kept some of the files like this to make it easier for programmers using Windows. I decided on the recent conversion because when the CVS repository was checked out on platforms that were not UNIX based extra endline characters would be thrown into the file. I hope this doesn't create any major problems for anyone. And if it does, complain.

Posted by Brian Bernas 2001-09-04

Version 0.30 BETA Revealed!

Yes, the brand new version of ToDo Manager has be let loose on the world. It includes a few new things like selectable task sorting modes and a brand new revolutionary file format (it's not really that revolutionary).

Posted by Brian Bernas 2001-08-22

ToDo Manager Now On SourceForge, Woohoo!

Yes, I finally gave in and decided to move the development of my nifty little, almost useless, utility to SourceForge. I just hope that this action will improve my little peice of software.

Posted by Brian Bernas 2001-08-08