Tochnog Updated

  • Tochnog has been updated.

    If you check Tochnog's website, you will find some changes and a few updates for Tochnog. The source files contain all the changes and enhancements incorporated by David Masin a few years ago.
    The version for Microsoft Windows build by david is also included and can be downloaded.
    We have also included a Linux version built using Ubuntu that contains the latest solver version of Superlu 4.0. Bear in mind that this is a 32-bit version.
    We have also added a built up version of Tochnog for OSX built under Snow Leopard. However, it has been impossible to build it with Superlu 4.0. The reason being that with the new 64-bit version of OSX, the Superlu code gives error when executing which appear to be due to the fact that Superlu 4.0 uses integers as pointers. However in most of the new 64-bit system, pointers need to be 64-bits otherwise the variables get truncated. We are working to overcome this problem.

    Nevertheless, the OSX version uses the Apple bulit Lapack library. Users may recall that the default solver for Tochnog uses Clapack, the C converted version of Lapack. As the Apple built Accelerate Framework includes 64-bit optimized versions of Lapack and Blas, the tochnog code can be linked against this framework and the instruction to build and link clapack deleted from the makefile.

    We have included a Microsoft Word version of the user manual, a document describing the developements and additions made by David Masin, and a work in progress or living document that pretends to be a hands-on manual, which incorporates user experiences with Tochnog and Gid. The intention of this document is to be enhanced by suggestions and recommendations from other users.

    Long live Tochnog! Let's continue to improve it!

    Fernando Lorenzo