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[4273c1]: TODO Maximize Restore History

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- command bits and pieces:
	* use "--" to mark start of command w/ neww etc to avoid quoting
	* why doesn't command-prompt work if made read-only?
	* allow multiple targets: fnmatch for -t/-c, for example detach all
	  clients with -t*
	* add -c for new-session like new-window
	* attach should take a pane and select it as well as attaching
	* ' and " should be parsed the same (eg "\e" vs '\e') in config
	  and command prompt
	* last-pane across sessions
	* exact match operator for targets (or break the substring match
	  and require eg x* instead of just x)

- make command sequences more usable
	* don't require space after ;
	* options for error handling: && and ||?

- options bits and pieces:
	* set-remain-on-exit is a complete hack
	* way to set socket path from config file

- format improvements:
	* option to quote format (#{session_name:quoted})
	* formats need conditions for >0 (for #P)
	* some way to pad # stuff with spaces, #!2T maybe
	* status stuff is redundant with formats
	* last window update time and format for it
	* formats to show if a window is linked into multiple sessions, into
	  multiple attached sessions, and is the active window in multiple
	  attached sessions?

- choose mode improvements:
	* choose-pane command (augment choose-tree to do this?)
	* choose-mode and copy-mode are very similar, make choose-mode a subset?
	* flag to choose-* for sort order
	* choose mode would be better per client than per window
	* two choices (first one then second, for swap-pane and join-pane)

- improve monitor-*:
	* straighten out rules for multiple clients
	* think about what happens across sessions
	* monitor changes within a region
	* perhaps monitor /all/ panes in the window not just one

- improve mouse support:
	* bind commands to mouse in different areas? 
	* more fine-grained options
	* commands executed when clicking on a pattern (URL)
	* send arrow key sequences for mouse scroll wheel in alternate screen
	* mouse-select-pane will screw up with !MODE_MOUSE_STANDARD (it sets
	  the flag on w/o checking the others before calling tty_update_mode)

- hooks!

- warts on current naming:
	* display-time but message-fg/bg/attr
	* list-* vs show-*
	* split-window -> split-pane??

- better UTF-8 support:
	* #22T can split in the middle of UTF-8 characters!
	* window names and titles
	* message display
	* prompt input
	* multibyte key input
	* buffer_sample and the choose-* could show UTF-8 properly

- copy/paste improvements:
	* incremental searching
	* append to buffer
	* paste w/o trailing whitespace
	* named buffers and allow gaps in the stack
	* command to toggle selection not to move it in copy-mode

- layout stuff
	* way to tag a layout as a number/name
	* maybe keep last layout + size around and if size reverts just put it
	* revamp layouts: they are too complicated, should be more closely
	  integrated, should support hints, layout sets should just be a
	  special case of custom layouts, and we should support panes that are
	  not attached to a cell at all. this could be the time to introduce
	  panelink to replace layout_cell
	* way to set hints/limits about pane size for resizing
	* panning over window (window larger than visible)
	* a mode where one application can cross two panes (ie x|y, width =
          COLUMNS/2 but height = ROWS * 2)

- terminfo bits
	* use a better termcap internally instead of screen, perhaps xterm
	* use screen-256color when started on 256 colour terminal?
	* need a tmux terminfo entry to document the extensions we are using in
	  upstream terminfo
	* support title stack, both internally and externally (restore on

- code cleanup
	* instead of separate window and session options, just one master
	  options list with each option having a type (window or session), then
	  options on window, on session, and global. for window options we look
	  window->session->global, and for session we look session->global
	* the way pane, window, session destroy is handled is too complicated
	  and the distinction between session.c, window.c and server-fn.c
	  functions is not clear. could we just have kill_pane(),
	  kill_window(), unlink_window(), kill_session() that fix up all data
	  structures (flagging sessions as dead) and return a value to say
	  whether clients need to be checked for dead sessions? sort of like
	  session_detach now but more so. or some other scheme to make it
	  simpler and clearer? also would be nice to remove/rename server-fn.c
	* more readable way to work out the various things commands need to
	  know about the client, notably:
		- is this the config file? (cmdq->c == NULL)
		- is this a command client? (cmdq->c != NULL &&
                  cmdq->c->session == NULL)
		- is this a control client?
		- can i do stdin or stdout to this client?
	  or even guarantee that cmdq->c != NULL and provide a better way to
	  tell when in the config file - then we use cmdq->c if we need a
	  client w/o a session else cmd_current_client
	* optimize pane redraws,

- miscellaneous
	* way to keep a job running just read its last line of output for #()
	* link panes into multiple windows
	* live update: server started with -U connects to server, requests
	  sessions and windows, receives file descriptors
	* there are inconsistencies in what we get from old shell and what
	  comes from config for new sessions and windows
	* multiline status line?
	* bind commands to key sequences -- make it so ALL keys go through a
	  table, first an implicit table in which C-b is the only default
	  binding to a command that says "next key from $othertable" and so
	  on. means -n can go away as well