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 02 April 2009
+* Change scroll/pane redraws to only redraw the single pane affected rather
+  than the entire window.
 * If redrawing the region would mean redrawing > half the pane, just schedule
   to redraw the entire window. Also add a flag to skip updating the window any
   further if it is scheduled to be redrawn. This has the effect of batching
   multiple redraws together.
-  Redraws should be moved to the pane level later.
 01 April 2009
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   (including mutt, emacs). No status bar yet and no key remapping or other
-$Id: CHANGES,v 1.269 2009-04-02 20:30:17 nicm Exp $
+$Id: CHANGES,v 1.270 2009-04-02 21:08:13 nicm Exp $
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