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#9 add regex support for copy-mode search

Ed Peschko

As it stands, the only way to search back through buffer history is via literal string, which is often not that useful, especially if you only have a partial idea of what you are searching for.

Hence, it would be very helpful if tmux supported PCRE-type regular expressions, with options to backslash special characters in case a literal search is required. Whether this replaces the default searching method is debatable, but having it would be a lifesaver in some circumstances (it is one of the main deficiencies I see in screen that should IMO be fixed there as well.


  • Thomas Adam
    Thomas Adam

    I'd personally think that PCRE is bloat; we can support simple globbing through fnmatch() anyway.

  • I think new commands to do a regex search wouldn't be too hard, but definitely no PCRE. I wonder about changing find-window to do regexs too at the same time though.

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