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#69 show two status lines at the same time

K Yoder

In GNU Screen I can show a status line and a hardstatus line, that is: two simultaneous onscreen lines of information. It would be really awesome if I could do that in tmux too.

Oh, and maybe more than two at a time.
And they could dynamically stack up and flatten back down as the amount of space available to the status line decreases or increases.
And I'd like a pony.


  • Thomas Adam
    Thomas Adam

    This isn't possible.

    The only way you can get what you want is to nest two tmux sessions, but even then that won't allow for free-form displaying of data, unless you were to make either status-{left,right} large and then use #() to add in what you want.

  • bouzin

    I agree with K Yoder, it would then be really awesome if it could be added in tmux, any chance to see it in the future ? (feature request; support for multiple status bars, at least another one)

    • status: open --> closed
    • Milestone: -->
  • Hmm. I don't actually think multiline status line would be that hard to implement if the lines are independent (ie if format ABC goes on line y-1, DEF goes on line y). It'd be harder if the window list has to be able to wrap.

    Anyway it's on the TODO list already, if anyone wants to have a go email me and I can tell you how.

    • K Yoder
      K Yoder

      Yes I totally want to help. I'll PM you.