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#27 through printing


when text printing in screen, screen does not pass condense codes and draw kick codes through, it switches bypass on and off using esc 5i and esc 4i but condense codes and draw kick codes do not work.
We want to use tmux as a text terminal emulation for ansi and vt220. out software runs in text mode only and does not use x-windows.
At present we use telnet to connect to the server but when sessions get dropped our POS software looses the sale it was doing and then have to re do the sale with screen we can recall the session but the printing is not right.
Can you help thanks can contact Mark Bosch at


  • I started adding support for 4i and 5i long ago but never finished - it's not trivial because tmux has to deal with a) someone switching the window during printing b) redrawing the status line during printing. I'm not sure what condense and draw kick codes are, can you explain?

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