#18 Confirm when pasting with text containing newlines


For some weird reason copy and paste functionality does not work consistently for me in OS X. I'll copy text from one app and paste it into the terminal but instead of pasting the text I just copied I get something even older on my clipboard. If that text contains new lines then it is executed before I have had a chance to see what was pasted. In most cases I just get a syntax error and nothing bad happens, today however I managed to paste an email message which resulted in the creation of new files and other weird side effects that took a bit to clean up. I would really love the option if I paste coce containing new lines to have a window containing the text pop-up and allow me to confirm before text is executed in the shell. Most of the time I only paste a single line of text, it should not prompt for this as I can always delete it... its only the text containing new lines that I want to confirm before executing.


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  • does any other terminal do this? i'm not sure it's worth it