#14 No wrap: truncate output (don't line wrap)


This request is to duplicate GNU Screen's "wrap" setting. By default (wrap on) tmux would wrap lines that exceed the width of the current display (stty -a | grep columns). With wrap off, tmux truncates the output so line wrapping does not occur.

This is very useful when tailing long (wide) log files and following compile sessions.


  • What's wrong with piping through cut -c-$COLUMNS?

  • Doug Poland
    Doug Poland

    Piping through cut only works if you think of that *before* you issue a command or tail a file. If I think of it, I currently pipe through less with -S switch. The less trick works if you re-size your term/window/pane, not sure if cut exhibits that behavior.

    Also, your $COLUMNS is, I believe, a bashism. I use tmux on Solaris, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Linux with ksh, tcsh, and bash. In my world, having tmux understand line wrap would increase portability and reduce complexity across environments.

  • COLUMNS is from ksh I suspect rather than bash but there are other ways to get it anyway, that's not the point.

    I'll add it to the todo list anyway, there is a DEC escape sequence to suppress line wrapping and if someone implements that it would be fairly easy to add an option at the same time.

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