#10 buffer management should be integrated into list-buffers

Ed Peschko

Dealing with buffers is often painful because often in workflow temporary buffers are needed, which tends to clutter up the buffer list. In addition, one can get duplicate buffers, forget where buffers are, etc, etc, etc.

Hence, a mechanism for interactive buffer management would be greatly appreciated. Something like the following:

1. list-buffers opens up a list of buffers, with an interactive menu (like top - except making it visible would be nice).
2. arrow keys are used to go up and down the buffer list
3. 'd' deletes the current buffer
4. 's' sorts the current buffers
5. 'D' deletes all buffers
6. 'S' saves all buffers to file
7. 'u' makes buffers unique
8. 'a' explicitly adds a buffer
8. 'q' quits

The keybindings aren't important, but the options IMO are. They would make it a lot more pleasant to work with buffers. As it stands, no functionality is integrated into the list, which means buffer operations (like delete and add) don't reflect onto the list which leads to some confusion. The above would IMO be a big interface win.


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