Cygwin does not support file descriptor passing across Unix domain sockets (SCM_RIGHTS) so tmux won't work. To get it working you need to find a developer with interest and knowledge of both Windows and Unix who can come up with a way to support this in Cygwin or implement a compatibility method of some kind in tmux. I think it's pretty unlikely to ever happen TBH.

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Hi Guys,
I'm resurrecting an old topic: tmux Windows Cygwin Support

I've been searching for a couple hours and have not found any documentation on how to run tmux in Windows. The few posts that exist in the internetz mention that Cygwin doesn't support 'passing file descriptors over UNIX domain sockets', and workarounds for this in Tmux would be challenging.

I'm not a C programmer, but I was able to compile libevent in Cygwin without any warnings/errors. 

Surprisingly, even 'tmux' compiled with MINOR source code modifications. The only changes I had to do was symlink /usr/include/ncurses/ncurses.h to /usr/include/ncurses.h and then comment out the '__b64_ntop' call in in tmux.c. As far as I can tell the b64 is a simple base64 encoding utility which doesn't exist in cygwin, but hey everything else worked =)

Running 'tmux.exe -h' on the output, shows the help doc snippet! Unfortunately, when I attempt to execute tmux.exe, the program runs for ~1 second and then it fails silently with error code '1'. Running tmux through 'strace tmux.exe' gives lots of cool outputs, but no error messages as far as I can tell. This is the limit of my C programming abilities.

Anyway, I saw some cool railcasts about tmux and I'm convinced that I want to change my development environment to vim and tmux--now I'm waiting patiently for some brave soul to venture into this land and make tmux work with cygwin. Who's signing up? =)

What would it take to implement the work-around for Windows?

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