Line 162 is why ncmpcpp is in the first window.

It looks like this configuration also changes a lot of your key bindings so if you are trying to do the default ones they will not work.

My suggestion would be to start with an empty tumx.conf and add the features you want as you want them.

On Sun, Apr 28, 2013 at 4:51 PM, Sharon Kimble <> wrote:
I have only started using tmux today for the first time and am enjoying
learning about it and getting it working as I want. But its leaving me
with several puzzles. First of all, my 'tmux.conf' is at and as can be seen its a bit messy but
it in the main works.

1 - Why, when I start up, does it not have 'ncmpcpp' showing in the
first window please?
2 - Why cant I split the window into vertical or horizontal panes
3 - Why cant I rename the windows in the status bar please? I enter the
right keypresses and get the prompt, but whatever I put in there does
not stick!

Hopefully somebody will help me out and progress my knowledge. But I'm
enjoying using it :)

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