No new options for this. Once we add options they are hard to get rid of and this is not something many people will care to change. We pick whichever method seems best and go with it.

Either we keep the current behaviour or we revert or we think of a better way. I'm inclined to keep the current behaviour. Or try using the cursor position which seems to work for vim. Has anyone checked the ML thread to see if this would fix the original problem?

Or I wonder if referencing from left on left, right on right and centre for other panes (when going up and down) would actually work better than cursor position.

I don't object to an FAQ entry. But if someone picked up tmux for the first time tomorrow I think they would not have a question about this. Or the need for an option.

-------- Original message --------
From: Balazs Kezes <>
Date: 17/04/2014 21:03 (GMT+00:00)
To: Ticket 122 <>
Subject: Re: [tmux:tickets] #122 Configuration of pane switching behavior

On 2014-04-17, Nicholas Marriott wrote:
> It certainly wouldn't reliably take you to the pane "up" when you
> asked.

It actually does when you use grid layouts. I think I've already dug out
the code demonstrating this in another thread. It's relative to the
current pane's top left corner. But yeah, it's not always intuitive.

I guess the navigation in grid based layouts will keep coming up. I
think it might worth a FAQ entry and just pointing people there.

> I don't object to another change but so far nobody has suggested any
> better algorithm, let alone written the code. The current one is what
> we have until someone does :-).

Okay, here's another idea before deciding on closing this and just
adding a FAQ entry. How about a new option called something like
"pane-switch-behavior". When you set it to "remember" it is the current
behavior. When you set it to "top-left-relative" we have the old
behavior for people not ready for any changes.

And here comes the new, somewhat intuitive option "cursor-relative": it
looks at the current cursor coordinates and uses that to find a pane
relative to it. Does this make sense? Do you think this is a good idea
or is this still an "obscure" behavior?



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