I am running tmux on an embedded linux system. I have been trying to add special characters to my status bar in tmux for a few days. This was made difficult because when I attempt to set the status bar in my config file through something like

set -g status-right "#(echo -e '\xnn\xnn)'"

My status bar will simply show "xnnxnn" rather than the character that hex represents. other escapes also do not work (for example like escaping into the alternate character set). The command works as expected from a terminal however, so I wrapped the call into a shell script and simply call that shell script in my tmux config via

set -g status-right "#(/path/to/shellscript)"

This finally did succeed in placing the special character on the statusbar, however it messed up the far right edge. For every character I place on the status bar in this way, another character is appended to the end of my statusbar in a fairly glitchy manner. It usually simply repeats the last legitimate character on the statusbar (in my case the minutes of the time). If the statusbar gets reset or hidden and then restored, then rather than repeating the final character, I just get an orange background with no character in it for those spaces.

What is this strange behavior, and how can I fix it?

Thanks for any help!