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Evolution 1.7 Revision X Security bugfix

Please donwload and deploy the bugfix, it will repair the security hole of <? print $_GET['msg']; ?>

--- proof Of Concept ----


http://www.frsirt.com/english/advisories/2007/1374... read more

Posted by DarkGiank 2007-04-20

Evolution 1.7 - A lots of changes!

Check out the new version 1.7, but be aware because is not compatible backwards with 1.6 or lower, it needs PHP5 and has a sha-512 encryptor for passwords and emails.

Posted by DarkGiank 2007-04-11

1.6 BUG FIX !!!

PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE 1.6 BUGFIX ON THE 1.6 DOWNLOAD SECTION, IT WILL FIX THE CONNECT.PHP THE "Error 101 - The system cant connect to the database, run the installer again!." MESSAGE.

Posted by DarkGiank 2007-03-01

Evolution 1.2 a new Engine!

The new version of TuMusika evolution is tottaly remastered, with a new engine wich it makes faster and more compatible, now you can enjoy it from the Ms-Windows Servers world, because of the IIS support, we are still looking for translators, we already have an english translator but we need some more languages than english!.

-The TuMusika Team.

Posted by DarkGiank 2007-01-16

V. 1.1 Revision 7 !

Now you can download our latest release, Evolution 1.1 r7, wich also is working in www.tumusika.net !

Posted by DarkGiank 2007-01-05