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#3083 Aqua/Cocoa: deadlock when a menu accelerator posts a dialog

Kevin Walzer

Re: 3608904

The deadlocked process is sometimes unkillable, and although it does not use much CPU or memory it retains a display and hogs the event loop, slowing down all other interactive applications on the machine (e.g. it takes a minute to open a terminal). It can be terminated only by a reboot.

I am sorry to create a duplicate bug for this; however comments have been disabled for 3608904 which makes it impossible to add this information there.

IMHO "Wont Fix" bugs should not be closed or have comments disabled - if we are lucky someone else might provide useful information or even a fix.


  • Opening another bug report is not a problem. We've got billions of bug IDs before we hit any sort of limit…