#11 Improved dtplite detection and usage

Jan Nijtmans
Stuart Cassoff

Improved dtplite detection and usage


  • Stuart Cassoff
    Stuart Cassoff

  • This seems to have gone into the CVS head already, without being recorded here or in the ChangeLog. (I see an 'install-man' target' in the most recent 'Makefile' using dtplite.) It worked as well, I see the img-* manpages in the build results.

    However not everywhere. On windows the configure should possibly check for 'dtplite.tcl' as well, and not only 'dtplite'. Assuming that the configure(.in) checks at all. If not, then it should maybe expanded to do so.

    (On the box it failed it started working when I made a copy of 'dtplite.tcl' as 'dtplite', so this is a low-priority thing, or could even be left unchanged. Still, I wanted it recorded, because on Windows pure Tcl application scripts are often installed with an extension, i.e. '.tcl', simply to ensure that double-clicking on them works. Which now gives me the idea for dtplite to get a Tk GUI, to be invoked when the script is run without arguments. But that is a Tcllib RFE :).

  • Stuart Cassoff
    Stuart Cassoff

    This is the second go at using dtplite to generate docs.
    The first go was with 2669482.
    Thanks for the feedback, dtplite-usage is currently evolving, imho.

  • Oh, I see. Ok. I saw the ref to 2669482 in the Changelog, it simply did not mention the new 'install-man'/dtplite there, and I skipped looking it up, thinking that what was mentioned was all to it.

  • I might copy an equivalent piece of code into memchan. Well, at first local to the build I have here, as experiment.