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#1 feature improvement to tkdiff



My first impression of the utility was great. But I think
that one feature that is all common to these utilities is
line by line comparison. Which this is fine I would still
like to see improvement as such:

being able to click any line in any file that is compared
and see if that line appears anywhere on any line in the
opposite file, not necessarily on the same line. Is it

I think that this is one feature that many would

Great work,
- Chris
email: t_krzysztof@hotmail.com


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    Seven Suggestions for TKDiff.

    First of all, let me say how much I appreciate TKdiff and
    how useful
    I find it in my work.

    That said, let me offer seven suggestions for a improvements I'd
    like to see:

    When merging, if "Show Line Numbers" is in effect, then please
    show line numbers in the Merge Preview window.

    Likewise, please show line numbers when editting a file in the
    Simple Editor.

    Please allow the Output file to be editted, either in the Simple
    Editor, via an option in the Edit menu, or directly in the Merge
    Preview window.

    Allow an option -- settable as a "Preference" -- to "Attach" the
    Merge Preview window to the bottom of the Comparison window.
    This would be especially useful when multiple comparisons are
    going on at the same time, (e.g., View "My" changes vs. the
    "Original", view "Their" changes vs. the "Original", merge "My"
    changes with "Their" changes -- which I do *all* the time); that
    would make it easier to keep track of your windows.

    In the Merge Preview window, highlight Merged Selections in
    different colors, depending on whether they came from the Left
    or Right file.

    Give a means to break up a multi-line diff. I sometimes have
    cases where (e.g.) lines 112 and 113 on the left are different
    from lines 134 and 135 on the right, and what I want is line
    112 from the left and line 135 from the right. As it is, I
    have to choose the lines as a bundle and then go in afterwards
    to pick out the ones I want. Doable, but awkward. I'm not sure
    exactly how to make the general rule, but I'm thinking something
    along the lines of: "The 'Split' button divides a diff-bundle
    of N lines in the middle (plus or minus one for odd numbers of
    lines)." The user can then select one of the smaller bundles to
    split further, until reaching the granularity needed to allow
    selecting the exact lines desired for the merge.

    Allow a means whereby the user can, with a single click, both
    select a diff for merging and move on to the next diff. This
    could be done with either a second set of "Select a Diff"
    buttons or via another "Preference" setting. (I prefer the
    former; I see a need to be able to switch between these modes

    Again, thank you for producing such a useful tool and making it
    available as freeware. I hope my suggestions will help to make
    it even more useful.