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Problem with commits

  • millerss

    When one of my users does a commit the pop-up status window never completes  ( the Stop button never changes to Done)
    So for the past month he completes his commit by hitting the stop button.
    cvs 1.11.17
    tkcvs 8.0.3
    Red Hat 4
    He does not think that it has always been this way.

    Points or Hints?

    • DorothyR

      What does the trace of CVS activity say?  (Options -> Tracing On/Of, Trace Level including CVS stderr)?  Also, what protocol (pserver, local disk, etc) do you use?

    • millerss

      Thanks for the Pointers and Hints.  More info....

      We use "local disk" protocal. Our repository is located on a file server and each linux box has the file server mounted.  I was able to reproduce the problem. You need to be at a RED HAT 3 machine and rsh to a RED HAT 4 machine. The commit does go thru but you have to wait several minutes for it. You see "Done" in the dialog window which is why the user would click the  Stop Button instead of waiting for the Done Button.

      When I turned on the trace I saw...

      [::exec::19::outhandler] STDOUT: new revision 1.6; previous revision 1.5
      [::exec::19::outhandler] STDOUT: done
      (must wait for several minutes for the Close button to appear)
      [::exec::19::outhandler] STDOUT: Close OK