RCS support has bug

  • karsten


    I tried to use version 7.2.5 with an RCS project and got an error, which can be easily fixed.

    1. Open tkcvs in a directory containing RCS managed files.
    2. Select one of these file in the directory list
    3. Press button "version tree"

    I then got this error message:

    **invalid command name "rcs_filelog"**
    invalid command name "rcs_filelog"
        while executing
    "rcs_filelog  "
        invoked from within
    ".workdir.bottom.buttons.cvsfuncs.blogfile invoke"
        ("uplevel" body line 1)
        invoked from within
    "uplevel #0

    • "
          (procedure "tk::ButtonUp" line 22)
          invoked from within
      "tk::ButtonUp .workdir.bottom.buttons.cvsfuncs.blogfile"
          (command bound to event)

    The problem seems to be that an "include file" is missing in function setup_dir in module workdir.tcl.
    I was able to fix the problem by adding a line like

       source  *path_to_tkcvs*/lib/tkcvs/cvs.tcl

    in the function.

    Probably there is a more elegant solution. I would appreciate this being fixed in the official release.

    (I am not sure whether I can persuade my project manager to switch to a different versioning system, so maybe we here have to continue living with RCS).

    Many thanks,


  • karsten

    I upgraded to Tcl/Tk8.4 and so could use the newest version of tkcvs, and ther it works without problem. Bot people using Tcl/Tk8.3 still need version 7.2.5 according to the [ .


      : http://www.twobarleycorns.net/tkcvs.html/"twobarleycorns page"](http://text)