TJTAG 3.0.2 source code

  • martin

    Hello everybody,
    I would like to kindly ask you if it would be possible to release source code for the binaries of 3.0.2-FINAL version which are already released.

    GNU GPLv2 licence under which this project is distributed states that it should be available if you decide to distribute binaries (
    Also your Readme you stated "I am releasing RC-1 in binary form only for testing, after a short test period I will release tjtag v3 with full source, documentation and credits."

    I would kindly like to ask you to release the source code so Raspberry PI support ( can be added to 3.0.2 as well.
    I have Raspberry PI so I can test it for you if you decide to provide binary only for raspberry platform as well.

    Thank you very much in advance

  • volkan-k

    Sorry, I do NOT have source-code for 3.0.2-Final. I only have binaries just like you. I uploaded them so you do not have to pay for it.

    I created this project when I discovered William Henderson (a.k.a. Tornado) (developer of TJTAG) violating the GPL in software HairyDairyMaid (a.k.a. Lightbulb) wrote for the famous EJTAG Debrick Utility project.

    This project's goal is to make available formerly released source codes and raise public awareness of the infringing use of free software, and thus putting pressure on the infringers.

    Please contact William Henderson (a.k.a. Tornado) by email:
    He is the only one who have 3.0.2-Final sources.

    This project/website is NOT affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by William "Bill" Henderson (aka Tornado) or related parties in any way.

  • James Cuzella
    James Cuzella

    Hello volkan-k,

    First off, I'd like to express my thanks for re-releasing this source code and modifications in accordance with the GPLv2! You're truly exemplary of what the free software community stands for. You are also going above and beyond the GPL in the spirit of philanthropic sharing and giving back to the community, which I applaud in the current world economic environment.

    Although William Henderson (Tornado) technically is free to modify and charge a distribution fee for the software, he is NOT free to withhold the source code, nor is he free to prevent others who have access to this source code from releasing it for free. Your actions truly show the spirit of Ubuntu that currently is the lifeblood of the free software movement and all sorts of free software technologies that are increasingly becoming a vital part of our everyday lives. Thank you for re-releasing this! It's refreshing to see this project be released, and especially with support from the open source software movement surrounding the Raspberry Pi. (Hopefully soon also Arduino! EDIT: Added link to arduino fork I stumbled upon below!) I hope that eventually an open hardware ecosystem will develop allowing hardware designs to be shared and improved by the community just as software has. The ideas behind the FOSS movement have significantly increased the pace of innovation and continuous improvement in the software ecosystem. I only wonder what an open hardware ecosystem might do!

    I've found that there are others who have gained access to the code and are releasing modified versions too... the benefits of community sharing of improvements here are just beginning!

    Here's a list of what I've managed to find so far:

    • zjtag - An EJTAG Debrick Utility based on BrJTAG (Your fork I believe ;-)
    • brjtag - Broadcom EJTAG Debrick Utility - by hugebird
    • jpt - JTag programming tools (looks like a small wrapper script project over brjtag to modify a CFE (Common Firmware Environment) and modify the stored MAC address for a router so routers with broken CFE can be repaired and programmed with their original MAC)
    • bpjtag - HairyDairyMaid's debrick tool ported to use Bus Pirate OpenOCD mode
    • Original HairyDairyMaid WRT54G Debrick Utility - My github mirror of the original source code for v4.8 of HairyDairyMaid's utility.
    • Various JTAG Software -'s listing of JTAG Tools (Please consider making a donation to help support their community)
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