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Tiquit / News: Recent posts


Lots of changes. See the CHANGELOG.

Posted by Jonathan Ciesla 2006-02-11


Added Knowledgebase per Sourceforge RFE 1273702.
Added pre-PHP 4.3.0 compatibility fix per forum comment.

Posted by Jonathan Ciesla 2005-09-04


Improved authentication, several bugfixes, and a more scalable user interface. See CHANGELOG for details. The upcoming PDF manual will be based on this release.

Posted by Jonathan Ciesla 2005-08-21

1.9: More goodies

1.9 features a stabilized upgrade script, better PHP5 compatibility, and file attachments.

Posted by Jonathan Ciesla 2005-07-31

1.8: Major reporting features

Version 1.8 introduces a plethora of graphical reports about incidents based on several properties. See CHANGELOG for details.

Posted by Jonathan Ciesla 2005-07-05


Fixed a few bugs, cleaned up the notification emails.

Posted by Jonathan Ciesla 2005-07-03

tiquit.sql import bug fixed.

See Forum for details. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

Posted by Jonathan Ciesla 2005-06-09

1.6 release

Now with incident audit history, tiquit tracks all changes made to the user, agent, type, severity or status of an incident.

Posted by Jonathan Ciesla 2005-06-03

1.3 Release

Added a user account submission form, fixed a bug in the agent maintainance section.

Posted by Jonathan Ciesla 2005-01-20

New feature

I've added a new incident lookup page for users. It allows display but no changes, and does not require a login. The email notifications now link to this, and will bring up the user's incidents.

Posted by Jonathan Ciesla 2004-11-07

1.0 Release

Release version 1.0 with enhancements and changed trove categorization to reflect code maturity. As always, bug submissions and feature requests are more than welcome.

Posted by Jonathan Ciesla 2004-10-31

Bugfix release

Download version 0.9.1. Fixes a few bugs involving the user management screens.

Posted by Jonathan Ciesla 2004-10-09

Initial Tiquit release

Tiquit's debut release, 0.9.0, brings to the table the most basic feature set most IT departments use for their incident tracking. Future releases will bring more features.

Posted by Jonathan Ciesla 2004-09-19