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2.5.5 in the works.

  • Lee Thomason
    Lee Thomason

    Going through the (significant!) bug list to clean out issues, as well as the forum posts. Probably be about a week. If you have issues, please be sure to file a bug. And if I sent a bug back to you, more information would be appreciated.


  • Lee Thomason
    Lee Thomason

    Make that 2.6.0…there's a lot of fixes in there.

  • Hi Lee,

    Hi just noticed the 2.6.1 release (and the 2.6.0 as well, of course, but I was a few days off and missed all the fun! :-D ). When taking a look at the 'changes.txt' shipped in the release snapshot, nothing is said regarding the changes done for 2.6.0 nor 2.6.1, which gives a "something is missing"/"file was not updated" feeling. (Note that I double checked using the CVS version to make sure it wasn't just a release bundle issue.)

    After reviewing the list of changes marked 2.5.4 and 2.5.5, and now that I have read through this thread, I understand that the changes were relevant enough to push up the minor version number. Nevertheless, I'd still suggest updating the 'changes.txt' accordingly, in order to save from a lot of noise (similar to this comment). :-)